What is is an internet search engine and directory for open published online radio stations. It allows users to listen online radio and watch music videos, that has been played on radio air.

Top Tracks Chart

Whether station provides currently playing on air track title, our robot collecting this information. Then we are forming weekly charts with on air top played titles. Each radio station have own Top Tracks Chart, and all these tops used to calculate global worldwide Top Tracks Chart.
Note: Some stations does not provide current track information. Stations without this info will not be used to calculate global Chart.


Search for website essentials using the search bar. Supported: station title, city, country, genre, artist, track.

Voice SearchVoice search

You may use "Voice Search" feature to search across the website. Click microphone icon on the right of search bar and speak your query. First time you've clicked MIC icon, your web browser will ask you to give microphone access permission. Allow it, if you want to use this function.
Note: Voice search is not available for all the browsers zoo, however, it will not function on Safari/iPhone.


Click "Favorite" button to add liked radio station or music video to "My Favorite" list. You should have an account on this website to save favorites.


Playlist is a list of music videos, that allows one-click non-stop playback from first to last. Playlist may consists of tracks of your favorite video, another user's favorite video, artist or music band tracks, search result, or tracks from radio station top chart.

I am a radio station owner and want to control it

If you are owner of radiostation and you want to manage it's record, please contact us to obtain station administrator rights. You should also have user account on this website to manage your station.


This website does not broadcasting or re-translating streams itself, but it offers live radio player interface to connect the customer to freely open streams. All the audio copyrights are owned by it's corresponding authors, or to broadcasting radiostation. Radiostation brand name, logo image and other information copyrighted by owner station and used in this directory only for demonstrational purposes. All the information on this website was taken from open sources or has been added by identified and not identified customers. is not responsible for any content, that has been added by website visitors. Please read Terms of Service for more legal information.


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This website follows DMCA policies. If you own a radiostation and want to delist it from, please contact us and we delete it.