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🎶 Top 3 radio stations playing Adult contemporary
  • Radio Nova
    Watched 3k Favorite 4
    Finland, Helsinki Adult contemporary 64 kbps
  • Radio Duisburg
    Watched 1.1k
    Germany, Duisburg Adult contemporary 192 kbps
  • Bleu FM 96.3
    Watched 486
    Canada, Chandler Adult contemporary 128 kbps
What is Adult contemporary?
Adult contemporary is an American expression used to depict a type of radio-played prevalent music, going from 1960s vocal and 1970s rock music to dominatingly song overwhelming music of the present day, with fluctuating degrees of pop, rock, easy listening, soul, r&b, blues, softrock impact. Adult Contemporary is a real continuation of the simple easy listening and softrock style that wound up prevalent during the 1970s with a few changes that mirror the development of popular music.
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